“Bad posture is not an epidemic, it’s a habit created by the modern lifestyle.”

- Sleep Yoga®
we design ergonomically-shaped pillows that help rewind all of those problems, while you sleep

Even though it has been drilled into your head that posture is important in your day-to-day activities, but let me level with you: it’s just impossible to notice each, and every, small mistake made throughout the day. And the mistakes start immediately, just from bending down to read your phone, to sinking down into the couch while watching TV at night. Good posture can be an excitable puppy, just running away when you ask them to sit.

After all, bad posture is not an epidemic, it’s a habit created by the modern lifestyle.

That’s where Sleep Yoga® comes in to the picture! So, to help combat against all of those small mistakes you make throughout the day, we design ergonomically-shaped pillows that help rewind all of those problems— while you sleep!

Our goal to you is simple

Improve your posture while sleeping, and in turn, improve how you feel throughout the day.

I know you’re thinking: “OK, maintaining good posture throughout the day isn’t comfortable, how will it be comfortable trying to sleep?” Well, that’s where our team of sleep experts come in…
Our Story

Sleep Yoga’s® creator Glen is from the Los Angeles area, with many years of practice in developing sleep and bedding products for major retailers. With all the long hours of bending over his keyboard, or his cell phone, to work on spreadsheets and typing emails, Glen started to suffer from something almost everyone suffers from: chronic back, and neck pain at a young age.

Glen went to see various doctors to relieve the pain, but none were successful. And then fate had one last trick card up it’s sleeve, and he met with his chiropractor who suggested incorporating a daily yoga session into Glen’s schedule, as the exercise would help fix Glen’s problems, and not medicine. And it worked! For a little bit.

But as Glen continued his yoga sessions, he started to find trouble being able to fit the yoga into his growing schedule of family and work. So he ended back where he had begun—with nothing to help fix the problems.

So, then came a totally new idea: something similar to yoga, but something he wouldn’t have to actively take out time for. And you know a time of the day we have hours of time to just rewind from all of the days troubles? Sleep! With his knowledge, experience, and the help from his chiropractor, Glen created his first ever Sleep Yoga® pillow. Having been well received, Sleep Yoga® grew from the singular pillow into a complete line of products—and here we are now.

Yoga has been found to improve respiration, circulatory health, and muscle strength and Sleep Yoga® strives for those same benefits! Our posture pillows are sort of like how different yoga poses focus on different joints, and muscles. The only difference is that instead of waking up in the morning, you can stay in bed and let the Sleep Yoga® Posture pillows do all the work!

Each pillow is ergonomically designed, allowing it to focus on each separate pressure point, thus insuring that we’re not just lumping them all into one big “sort-of-supports-sort-of-doesn’t” pillow amalgamation.

With continual use of the Sleep Yoga® Posture pillows, we believe you’ll come to find that your comfort throughout the day will increase by ten-fold—because now you’re really sleeping right!

Honestly, it is like having your own personal chiropractor, or yoga instructor, at home. As they say,


Sleep Yoga Multi-Position Body Pillow