Sleep Yoga GO Lumbar Pillow


The Sleep Yoga® GO travel pillow offers customizable lumbar and neck stretch and support. It helps improve posture and relieve pain for lower back, neck, knee, is ideal for use for office chairs, car and airplane travel.


With today’s on-the-go lifestyle, our neck, back, wrists, and legs don’t always get the comfortable support they need. Whether you’re traveling, working at the office, driving, or resting at home, bad posture can really cause you pain in your body.

It’s time for you to retire those ancient pillows that offer no customizable comfort and support. In today’s market, most posture-pillows don’t get the job done. Right?!

So we decided to design a pillow that will provide customizable lumbar support for maximum comfort.

You only get one body, so let’s keep it aligned and comfortable!


The Sleep Yoga- Go Travel Pillow was designed with an ergonomic shape & precise angles that work to fit the natural curves of your body; helping relieve the pressure points in your lower back, but can also be used to relieve tension in your neck, knee, elbows and hands.

Its flexible duo spine design can be adjusted and holds its shape. No need to readjust and reshape a pillow that just doesn’t maintain it’s shape!

High-density soft-touch memory foam for pressure-relieving support. CertiPUR-US Certified Memory Foam for safe travel.

2-way removable strap to keep it in place.

Zippered cover for easy care.

Where to use it

Use the Sleep Yoga – Go Travel Pillow in your day to day life. With endless ways of use and perfect for any setting, this pillow is the perfect partner-in-crime for your daily travels!

Compact travel-friendly bag is included.

Made my day at work

I used the pillow today at work as a lumbar support and it was amazing. I felt that my sitting posture is much better as I didn’t feel so tired and wary at the end of the day. The strap is very easy to secure to the back of the chair.



Highly recommend this pillow to all travelers. Those u shaped neck pillows they sell at the airports are no comparison to the Sleep Yoga GO pillow.


A must have on airplanes

This pillows made my last flight to Asia so much more comfortable! And it is very easy and small enough to carry.


I love it

Super versatile and functional. I use it for quick naps on a sofa or when I don’t have a good pillow around. My kids always steal it from me as they like to have it in the car……may have to buy another 2 eventually.


Awesome travel pillow!

This pillow is super! I have been carrying it with me everywhere I go. I found the back stretcher my favorite use of the pillow and it helps me stretch and relax my lower back.

Lisa M
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