Sleep Yoga Wedge Pillow


The best wedge pillow for elevated sleep, reduce snoring, heartburn, sinus congestion, sleep apnea and orthopedic back pain relief.

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  • ACID REFLUX RELIEF – The Wedge Pillow helps relieve acid reflux by supporting and elevating your upper body, using gravity to keep acid down and prevent heartburn.
  • ELEVATED DESIGN KEEPS YOUR AIRWAYS OPEN – helping you breathe and fall sleep through the night, aids sleep apnea related breathing and snoring issues.
  • BETTER SLEEP POSITION – Designed to promote a better sleep position and prevents orthopedic health issues with your spine, neck, and shoulders. By improving your body posture and supporting your upper back and shoulders, this bed wedge cushion can relieve you of pressure points and back and neck pain.
  • 10” LOFT AND OVERSIZED – to maximize comfort and fit your body’s shape as best as possible, constructed with high-density memory foam offering you medium firm support for a comfortable restful experience. 27×25 in.
  • EASY CARE – In addition to its comfortable memory foam layer, the bed wedge pillow comes with a soft and breathable bamboo viscose rayon blend cover; easily removable and machine washable.

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