Better Posture, Better Sleep




SIT OR SLEEP  Helps your posture with sitting and/or sleeping in bed.

PERFECT SIZE  Big enough to provide support, small enough so it won’t take up the whole bed.

Why Choose Us?

High Quality

Designed and made in Southern California, USA


Filled with patented material 

80% cotton and 20% Coolmax

Classic soft long staple cotton with a blend of cooling technology


It is durable, never loses its shape and never clumps


Allergy safe material

Easy Care

machine wash and tumble dry low



Made my day at work

I used the pillow today at work as a lumbar support and it was amazing. I felt that my sitting posture is much better as I didn’t feel so tired and wary at the end of the day. The strap is very easy to secure to the back of the chair.



Highly recommend this pillow to all travelers. Those u shaped neck pillows they sell at the airports are no comparison to the Sleep Yoga GO pillow.


A must have on airplanes

This pillows made my last flight to Asia so much more comfortable! And it is very easy and small enough to carry.


I love it

Super versatile and functional. I use it for quick naps on a sofa or when I don’t have a good pillow around. My kids always steal it from me as they like to have it in the car……may have to buy another 2 eventually.


Awesome travel pillow!

This pillow is super! I have been carrying it with me everywhere I go. I found the back stretcher my favorite use of the pillow and it helps me stretch and relax my lower back.

Lisa M

What People Say About Sleep Yoga

I absolutely love This pillow. I fell in love with it the first night i slept with it. I was not sleeping well with my cool gel pillow, it propped my head up way too high and i know i lost tons of sleep the last year using that pillow. I usually like a firm pillow and when i received the dual sleep neck pillow upon feeling it, i knew it was a pillow perfectly Balanced for me. A + + + amazing! thx!

Katie A

What People Say About Sleep Yoga

I love this pillow – it feels great to my neck for sleeping. I use it for both sleeping on my side as well as my back. I’m sleeping more comfortably.

Megan C

What People Say About Sleep Yoga

This pillow has changed my husbands life literally. it is so flexible, you can adjust it to your liking. overall wonderful investment. you will not be disappointed.

Lucius S

What People Say About Sleep Yoga

The Sleep Yoga GO travel pillow helped me when I went to Japan. My neck always hurts on the airplane because the seats. But this time I could find the right position to support my neck with this pillow!


What People Say About Sleep Yoga

“Never fully recovered from a shoulder surgery a couple of years ago. The Side Sleeper Armrest pillow really saved me last night!”

Kat S.



About Sleep Yoga

A Sleeping Problem or a Posture Problem?
Do you ever wake up tired after a night’s sleep? We are all busy with school, work, family and friends, not to mention our unending schedules and social media connections. Our busy lifestyle habits constantly work against our natural and healthy posture; no matter how hard we try, being aware of this and constantly making adjustments is a difficult task for sure.
We all do it – seated for long periods at work hunched awkwardly over our laptops all day, walking around looking down at our cell phones and tablets, slouching at dinner or while watching TV at night; these lifestyle habits can greatly accelerate the damage to our bodies already caused by gravity. Our body is not evolving fast enough to catch up with our modern lifestyle!
We look forward to a good night’s sleep to rest and rejuvenate, but the contours of our body aren’t meant for lying down on a flat surface and, as a result, most of us end the day by going to sleep in unhealthy positions. To make it even worse, a badly constructed pillow can cause even more problems.
But there is hope and a solution – now, through the efforts of a team that truly knows bedding and the human body, comes a series of posture-improving products sure to improve the way you sit, stand and, most importantly, feel – all while you sleep!
Introducing Sleep Yoga® Posture pillows.

What Does “Sleep Yoga” Mean?
Good sleep and Yoga are both beneficial to the body. Yoga helps strengthen our core muscles and keeps our body flexible, which, in turn, improves our posture; not only does this delay the effects of time and prevent stiffness and pain, it also allows us to breathe more freely. This increased oxygen flow improves our general health and allows us to feel more alive and rested.
Our Sleep Yoga® Posture Pillows was designed to provide these very same benefits by comfortably improving your posture as you sleep.

A development team consisting of a chiropractor, a sleep product veteran and an industry designer worked carefully and creatively on every angle, contour and surface of these new pillows to suit a varied body dynamics and help maintain perfect body posture.
Sleep Yoga® Posture Pillows are innovative, fresh and, most importantly, comfy. Each Sleep Yoga® Posture Pillow is American made and uses patented filling material imported from Denmark (The land of fairy tales!). The result is a sleep product with the quality and benefits you have probably never seen or experienced before.


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